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Downing Bridge over the Rappahannock River, Tappahannock, Virginia
A Dozen Reasons to Sponsor the ECCA
  1. ECCA is dedicated to Essex County’s economic and cultural wellbeing.

  2. ECCA is committed to preserving the rural landscapes and river that define Essex County.

  3. ECCA promotes policies to preserve farmland and timber interests – Essex County’s main economic drivers.

  4. ECCA encourages the county’s treasured hunting tradition, which depends on its woodlands, open spaces, wetlands and marshes.

  5. ECCA supports fishing interests that depend on healthy tributaries and a healthy Rappahannock River.

  6. ECCA recognizes the Rappahannock River as a major recreational asset and a magnet for tourism to support the county’s economy.

  7. ECCA advocates for a strong county comprehensive plan to encourage growth and development close to the Town of Tappahannock and to preserve the county’s rich farming tradition.

  8. ECCA is uniquely situated to address serious outside threats to Essex County and the Rappahannock River, including unsustainable development and fracking.

  9. ECCA promotes the use of Conservation Easements to benefit landowners and to preserve the county’s rural character.

  10. ECCA is securing state and national Rural Historic District designations for areas in Essex County that retain historic structures and landscapes. 

  11. ECCA champions the long and rich history of Essex County and the Town of Tappahannock.

  12. ECCA publishes an annual magazine with excellent articles dedicated to Essex County.

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