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We work to preserve the unique qualities of Essex County on Virginia's Middle Peninsula by: Advising landowners of the economic benefits of conservation easements and other land protection tools. Educating the public about the high value to the community of protecting land in perpetuity. Maintaining productive farms, forests and fisheries. Retaining and enhancing wildlife habitat, wetlands and other productive natural resources. Protecting ample supplies of safe drinking water. Preserving historic resources. Providing recreational opportunities on land and water.


Land Use Taxation: 

The Facts

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Land in farms, forest and open space, even in Land Use, produces more net revenue for the County than residential properties, because the cost of county services for residential properties is greater, often much greater, than the tax revenue they generate. The opposite is true for farmland, forests and open space land which produce a substantial tax revenue surplus to the county.

Industrial Solar Farms 

An In-Depth Look

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As the pace of solar development rapidly quickens and decisions are made with increasing frequency, this paper aims to equip decision makers and the public alike with the information they need to take an informed stance on this issue, and make decisions which best benefit the future of the community.  

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Over the last ten years, the ECCA has worked to advocate the protection and preservation of Essex County’s rural and scenic lands and its historic properties. We have done this through a variety of education initiatives that remind land owners and our County’s leaders that, in this day and age, Essex is indeed a very rare and special place.

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